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Why speak at the RCRA National Conference?
By Lisa Jennings
Wildly Different
“You may want to consider speaking at the national conference.” I remember when I first heard that statement. I had called an RCRA Board Member because I was thinking of rejoining RCRA. A company I’d worked for had first sent me to an RCRA national conference in 1998 and I had the time of my life. I loved the people and made some lifelong connections. The education was eye-opening - finally content that I could relate to because it was delivered by others in a similar role.
Sadly, my company stopped allocating funds for RCRA involvement, so it became just a fond memory for me. So fond, that when I started my own company, I decided to explore rejoining. But, as a new business owner who had to watch her expenses, would the fond memories I had translate into a worthwhile investment for my business, especially when there was such an expense involved in going to the Bahamas for the conference?
The board member I spoke to thought so. And, by asking that question, she put me on a path to doing more than just attending RCRA’s national conference that year. She helped me truly experience it! I got so much out of being a speaker that year. I was welcomed by others with open arms and got introductions to other speakers, members and the board. I got recognition by attendees for being an experienced professional in the industry, which resulted in business for my company. But, what I learned by speaking that year is that it truly is as much fun to give as to receive. I’m thrilled when I hear an attendee say that I provided valuable information. I’m delighted when they seek me out after speaking to ask for my advice. It really is wonderful to be able to offer others the tools and encouragement they need to pursue their dreams. So much so, that I’ve spoken at RCRA’s national conference and regional workshops every year since.
Now it’s my turn to say, “You may want to consider speaking at one of RCRA’s events!” You could conduct a speech, a round table topic, a panel, or even host a social activity. In keeping with this year’s conference theme, I promise you it will do MORE than you can imagine for you personally and your career! And, you’ll be giving back to an organization that has all of our best interests at heart. It’s only with your involvement that RCRA can continue to help everyone in the field of commercial recreation grow and thrive.
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