Approved Internship Sites

On behalf of the Resort and Commercial Recreation Association, we are pleased to provide you with the attached guidelines and application form to assist you in having your agency be identified as a “registered” internship site.  We are excited about the potential that this review process has, not only for your agency, but for the student interns as well!  Our goal is to assist potential interns as well as internship sites to work together and to support the continued growth of the field of resort and commercial recreation.
This review and registration process is designed to help students, professionals and college/university internship programs  to strive towards a common standard of excellence.  If you have questions about items on the application form, note it, and someone from the review committee will call you!
Listed below is EVERYTHING you need to submit to the RCRA internship site selection committee chair (Board of Directors Liaison) for each type of internship you provide.  For example, an agency offering a diversified internship in the recreation department and a specialized internship in the golf department would be required to submit 2 sets of applications.
Please submit everything digitally as an attachment(s) in an e-mail to:

A nominee must:


Intern job description/or outline of experiences (detail the experiences the intern can expect to receive: training, orientation sessions, cross training, typical daily schedule)

Organization’s letter of understanding/contract/agreement (if required) between student and college/University.

Organizational Chart of the department (include where the intern(s) are located)

Organization's Internship Training Manual (where applicable)

•  This manual needs to include the following items:

•  Mission statement and history of agency/department

•  Expectations of an intern (hours, uniforms, conduct, etc.)

•  Requirements for internship (CPR/FIRST AID, background check, drug screen)

•  Description/examples of programs and services

•  Pertinent policies and procedures

•  Orientation schedule (activities included)

•  Department rules (housing, on property recreation, etc.)

Mail physical nominations to:
Recreation Resources Service c/o Kyle Smith
NC State University
3024 Biltmore Hall
Campus Box 8004
Raleigh, NC 27695

*$100 non-refundable application fee, made payable to the Resort and Commercial Recreation Association.(Or) $50 fee for renewal application

Application Deadlines are: September 1st and March 1st of each year.

Site approvals will be announced within thirty days of each deadline.

The “Approval” rating will be valid for three years.

If your application is rejected for any reason, you may resubmit it again before the next deadline.

If there is a change in agency recreation directors at any time during the three year time period, the new director must submit his/her resume/experience to RCRA for review.

Please feel free to contact the Approved Internship Site liaison, Kyle Smith, at 770.403.4927


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