Resort and Commercial Recreation Association


The RCRA National Conference has the potential to turn your students into legendary success stories to share with your classroom for years and years. With significant conference attendance, you have the opportunity to disseminate research findings nationwide. 

Nationwide Research Dissemination
    • Members are invited to submit research proposals that are reviewed by the Conference Planning Committee and topics selected will be asked to present on a national level during a symposium at the conference. 
    • Additionally, there is an opportunity to be published in the
      Journal of Tourism Insights 
      which is the official, referred publication of the Resort and Commercial Recreation Association.
                  Internship Placement & Professional Setting for Students
                    • At the last RCRA National Conference, there was over 225 internship/job opportunities with resorts, camp grounds, private clubs and cruise-lines.
                    • Over 350 on-site interviews take place and the students have a chance to make a significant impression and connection in person with the hiring managers. 

                                      Educator Networking Opportunities

                                        • An Educator Forum is held during the National Conference where the attendees cast a vote for the Excellence in Research Award, review the direction for future research topics and a round table discussion.
                                        • Beyond educator-to-educator networking, the professionals at the conference provide brochures about their programs so you can relate your teaching to real life expectations for your students.

                                      EMAIL: INFO@RCRA.ORG | ACCOUNTING OFFICE: 231 ROUTE 6A #803, YARMOUTHPORT, MA 02675

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