Resort and Commercial Recreation Association


  • First, become a member with our professional membership fee for a one-year subscription of $115
    Add an additional colleague with our Educational Institution membership, a recommended bundle for two: $230 
  • Then, register for the conference and take full advantage of ALL of the educator benefits - $395 
    To view the full list of benefits, visit the Educator Conference Benefits here
  • Next, book your hotel room at a low rate of $131 plus taxes and fees. Upgrade options available to for more space and did we mention - it's a 4-diamond hotel and resort brand!
  • Last, secure your flight to the destination - the earlier you decide you're attending the better rate you'll get and we choose a low lift rate airport every year for rates typically between a $175-$250 range.
  • We do understand that budgets can be tight and it's not easy making the case to your boss; we're here to help:
    • We offer a research symposium speaker incentive program inclusive of a $175 reimbursement if your abstract is chosen! Be on the look out for this Call to Action as we get closer to the conference.
    • The more students you bring from your college/university, the more we can give back:
            * If you bring 5-9 students from the same college/university: we will reimburse 50% of your registration fee     
            * If you bring more than 10 students from the same college/university: we will reimburse 100% of your registration fee
    • We are available and happy to hear your needs - never be apprehensive to reach out and let us know how we can help! 
Reimbursement checks will only be processed at the conference to guarantee the number of conference participants from each college/university.
Reimbursements are not to exceed the supplement of membership fee and registration rate paid to the organization.
  • It's SAFE to say that becoming a member is a GREAT start. We are a building block association and it's easy to start with just requesting the funding for an annual membership of $115 to open up the opportunity to get involved with the endless opportunities of connection through our membership database. Start small and end big! Your dean will not be disappointed, RCRA APPROVED! 


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